Identity proposition for ‘Hometown Sessions’, a series of concerts to be held by INTU shopping centres, where artists will perform in the INTU centre in their hometown/a place of significance to them. Designed as part of my internship at Universal Music Group.


Based on the concept that INTU centres have formed the building blocks of both the community and the artists’ careers the ‘Hometown Sessions’ mark uses a custom typeface made from square ‘building’ blocks and comes in two forms for flexibility. 

The colour palette is playful and bright to suit the young artists performing, whilst still appealing to the wide age range of the INTU audience.

hs black.jpg
hs logo long.jpg

Promotional Posters

The posters use ‘letters’ from the custom typeface as abstract motifs and graphic holders for imagery. Wavy motifs are a reference to soundwaves, ensuring that audiences who do not recognise the artists are still aware of the musical nature of the events.

intu posters4-09
intu posters4-10
intu posters4-11
intu posters4-12
intu posters4-08.jpg


The wristbands come in four colour combinations, with varying wavy motifs, to give the events held in the family shopping centres a cooler, edgier aesthetic.

The logo is also used in its monochrome form to create a bespoke QR code that can be scanned to access exclusive online prizes and content.