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A brief for Smyth's Toys aimed at getting children and adults to stop shopping online and enjoy the delights of physically being in a Smyth's Toys Superstore.

The campaign is aimed at grandparents, or 'Silver Sidekicks' as they are known in the Smyth's Superstore - no longer boring or frail, they are the perfect sidekick to their little heroes, and the ultimate playmates.


The logo is inspired by old-school superhero insignia - the illustrative style and playful approach to language and colour palette interwoven through the campaign are intended to delight and entertain children, whilst still being sophisticated enough to appeal to the elderly audience.

silver sidekicks logo.png

Poster Campaign

The print poster campaign uses toys tipped to be the bestsellers for 2018 to promote the concept of grandparents as 'Silver Sidekicks'.

Superstore Map

Map of the Smyth's Superstore, inspired by progress level maps on game apps.

The map transforms the store into a fantasy world, and the mere toy aisles into exciting adventures.

Silver Sidekicks Game

A mobile game that can only be activated inside a Smyth’s Superstore. Different areas of the store trigger ‘missions’, where grandparents and grandchildren compete against each other.

Sidekick Savers

Savings scheme linked to the Silver Sidekicks mobile game - the more points grandparents gain while completing the game’s challenges, the more discount points they can gain when purchasing.

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