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Hometown Sessions

Branding, Print and Digital Design, Ad Concepts

A pitch concept I worked on while interning at UMGB (the brand partnerships arm of Universal Music Group). The proposition was a concert series hosted by INTU shopping centres, where Universal Music artists will perform in the INTU centre in their hometown or a place of significance to them.

The identity is based on the concept that INTU centres have helped to form the building blocks of both the community and the artists’ careers.


The Primary Brand Mark uses a custom typeface made ‘building blocks’ and comes in multiple variations to provide flexibility. It is always used in colour, with the letters either being cut-out or holding a contrasting brand colour.

Our tickets use both our primary and secondary landscape brand mark - the primary mark is repurposed as a custom ‘QR code’ that can be scanned by consumers to bring them to the festival website/app.

Our event posters repurpose letters from our custom typeface as both graphic motifs and placeholders for artist imagery. Here we see how the primary brand mark can be separated into all four corners of each poster, to create a flexible identity system and ‘anchor’ the composition.

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