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Branding, Art Direction, Print and Digital Design, Ad Concepts

Working as a team of designers, we gave heritage bedding and bath brand Christy a rebrand that brought it firmly into the present, and future. The result is sleek yet comforting, and centres around the idea of embracing the everyday.

Our new wordmark takes reference from the reinvigoration of high fashion brands over the past decade, giving the Christy mark a modern yet timeless feel. 

The generous spacing also creates this idea of having space to breathe, which fits in with our repositioning of Christy as a brand promoting wellness and mindfullness, not simply homeware products.

The Christy Loop is our shorthand for the Christy wordmark - taking the ‘C’ from the mark, we’ve created a visual of two ‘c’s looping or ‘embracing’ each other, tying int Christy’s new ethos of ‘embracing the everyday’.

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