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Branding, Art Direction, Print and Digital Design, Ad Concepts

Identity and campaign design for Sazy, a homeware and furniture brand aiming to create innovative products (through both design and material choice) that can adapt and see its owner through the many different stages of life.

The Sazy mark is hand-drawn, celebrating the imperfect but confident first brushstrokes we make when we start turning a blank space into our own home. This mark is flexible and can be rearranged to create multiple variations to fit different formats. Our colour palette mixes the subtler pistachio green with a bright pink to reflect different customer tastes.

The letters of our mark can be rearranged to suit different formats - whether it's for an app icon, favicon or to suit extreme proportions.

Our mark can be used in different ways - as a simple tool for brand recognition or to create windows into imagery or text, or we can incorporate 3D to bring it to life in a more physical, tangible sense.

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