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Branding, Photography, Art Direction, Print and Digital Design, Ad Concepts

A lifestyle brand for the societal subgroup of ‘gainers’ - those who fantasise about gaining so much weight that they become bedridden.

The brand questions what we view as normal, and depicts life lived under the bedcovers as a fantasy world that is sophisticated and elegant.

The logo mark features the ‘f’ of Feedr ‘swallowing’ the ‘r’, emphasising the brand’s focus on the over-consumption of food. Using a mixture of 2 typefaces creates a wordmark that it elegant and sophisticated yet with a hint of quirkiness.

Combining whimsical photography of bedsheets and copywriting (taken from a found poem) to celebrate living life in a larger body, from the comfort of one’s own bed. 

Interface design for the ‘Feedr’ lifestyle app, which promotes a life lived entirely in bed by providing the resources for everything one could need in one place.

Interface design for the ‘Feedr’ app’s 'Love, Handled' dating feature, connecting gainers with perspective feeders in the nearby area.

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