Feedr is a lifestyle brand catering the societal subgroup of society ‘gainers’ and ‘feeders’ - those who fantasise about lying in bed and becoming fat, and those who enable them. This campaign celebrates the choice to be super-sized and live life in bed.


The Feeder logo features the ‘f’ of Feedr ‘swallowing’ the final ‘r’, emphasising the brand’s focus on the physical consumption of food, whilst using a typeface that is elegant and sophisticated. 

The mark comes in multiple colours for flexibility.

feedr the dots.jpg

Poster Campaign

Campaign aiming to portray life under the bedsheets as an ethereal, fantasy world that anyone would want to be trapped in.

feedr app.jpg

Feedr App

Interface design for the ‘Feedr’ app, which promotes the idea that ‘gainers’ can live out all aspects of life from their beds. The app includes services such as a dating feature, and an emergency food service.

feedr app2.jpg