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Branding, Art Direction, Print and Digital Design

Cuisine Box is a small London-based company delivering hard-to-find ingredients to your door to create a variety of international dishes.

I was charged with its full rebrand including logo, identity and various print assets, with further assets and development to come as the brand grows.

The Primary Logo refers to the experience of hosting that Cuisine Box sells and how a good night can be precarious and rely on a number of factors - here the word ‘Cuisine’ represents the dinner party, with the word ‘Box’ literally helping to support and hold everything together.

Our logo mark follows our primary logo in showing how imperfections are what we celebrate, as it means we’re taking risks with our cooking and hosting.

Our extensive palette is a continuation of our determination to celebrate imperfections and things not going quite to plan.


Our bolder colours in the range specifically celebrate ‘spillages’ and are based on the food and drinks most likely to stain and soil - pasta sauce, red wine, spinach and herbs.

To replicate the 'unbalanced' and precarious theme of our logo, we incorporate tilted shapes into our graphic language to drive home this idea of imperfection and everything being a little off-kilter.

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