‘The Outfit’ is an exclusive club providing milk to a society where it has become ‘prohibited’. The concept was inspired by gangster Al Capone’s involvement in the milk industry during his reign as mobster king and head of ‘The Chicago Outfit’.


The letters ‘T’ and ‘O’ have been combined to subtly create the image of a suit and tie, alluding to Al Capone’s reputation for wearing dapper suits. The identity is flexible and can work in different colour combinations and formats.

outfit logos.jpg


Label designs for the bottles of milk served in The Outfit’s speakeasies. Instead of ‘full milk’ etc. the different milks are named after real-life gangster nicknames which still allude to the contents.

baby face label.png

Members Guide 

Selected extracts from the guide you will receive when you become a member of ‘The Outfit’, detailing the dress code, rules, and absolute discretion expected from all its members. Silk has been used in the photography to represent milk as a nod to Capone’s expensive tastes, and to exude a sense of luxury. 

outfit book2.jpg
outfit book3.jpg
outfit book4.jpg

The Outfit Phone App

Prototypes of the Outfit phone app, which allows members to find their nearest milk speakeasy as well as other features.

outfit phones.jpg
outfit phones1.jpg